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1. Unfavorable Weather

2. Loosely Fitted And Leaking Pipes

Your AC is designed to provide condensation. However, it can also cause catastrophic water damage and cost you significantly in repairs.

How exactly does an AC cause water damage? The conditioning generated from the evaporator coil can clog the main drain line, overflowing water and eventually finding its way into walls and the ceiling. As more of this happens, you will ultimately be forced to start looking for local mold removal services.

Luckily, this is something preventable through regular AC maintenance and occasional observation.

6. Water Damage Due To Washing Machine

As innocent as it may look, your washing machine can be a disaster in waiting if you do not take good care of it. The typical design for these appliances is that they have three hoses (drain hose, cold water hose, and hot water hose). That means you have three hoses that could potentially burst or leak, just like any other water pipe.

Whenever you shut down the washing machine, you usually create a water wave through the pipes, known as a water hammer. This sudden change in water pressure causes the pipes to bend slightly. When you subject the washing machine to more cycles, any of these pipes could eventually give in and begin leaking.

Considering that most of these machines are generally close to the walls, the leaks may get sucked into the wall and gradually become a significant problem. You need to consult an expert to conduct a regular professional inspection. Also, never forget to turn off the water supply when not using the washing machine.

7. Water Damage From Water Heaters

A water heater undergoes repeated processes of holding and transferring water continuously. As it continues functioning, it accumulates deposits at the bottom of the tank, eroding the heater elements and the tanker liner. The continued sediment buildup reduces water efficiency and causes damage, hence water leaks.

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