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Flooded Basement Cleanup DC| Things To Do When Your Basement Flooded

Have you ever descended to your basement walls and floor flooded? Flooding is attributed to heavy rain or cracks in the walls. A basement flood can give you a sense of panic. More often than not people experience unexpected problems like basement flooding. These are not enjoyable but they occur from time to time.

If you have a flooded basement in the DC metro area, call MidAtlantic to help. We provide 24/7 response to flooding situations in your home. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to dry your basement completely. You don’t have to wait hours for technicians to get into your home; we are fast and efficient.

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Do If Your Basement Is Flooded.

  • Make sure to shut off any running power around the wet basement. Make sure to shut off electricity and gas to avoid severe damages such as electrical shock and gas leaks. It’s very risky to enter a flooded area while the power is on. In case you’re not sure how to respond in a situation of a flooded Basement in DC, our team of professionals is just a call away, we will be in your home within minutes.

  • If the flooding is caused by burst pipes, take some immediate action. You can switch off the water system on the main switch. If flooding is a result of a storm, don’t rush. The best thing you can do at this point is to stay safe. Wait until the storm passes before getting to work.

  • Before responding to any floodwater emergency, make sure to wear protective clothing. Wear boots and gloves. When you shut the source of the water, then the next thing you must do is call MidAtlantic for your Flooded Basement in DC to conduct an inspection, provide water removal services, and repair your flood damage.

  • Move damaged items to a safer place to dry. If weather permits, moving them outside may be the best option. Remember to give items ample time to dry (About 48 hours). The idea is to avoid mold. I am sure you wouldn’t want to lose some of your best items. In this case, make sure to inspect them thoroughly.

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Who To Call to Cleanup a Basement Flooding? 

Flooded Basement Cleanup in DC area is a serious matter. If you are in this situation, please do not hesitate to call us at MidAtlantic Mold and water damage. We are always here to help. We understand that flooding can cause a lot of stress and inconvenience. That’s why we work around the clock to ensure your home is safe again.

You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges, we provide free estimates upfront, so there are no surprises down the line.

Causes of a Flooded Basement 

Flooding in a basement can be caused by many things, such as burst pipes, faulty appliances, or heavy rain. It’s important to know the cause of the flooding so that proper repairs can be conducted. Common causes for flooding in basements:

Leaky pipes:

One of the most common causes of flooding in basements is leaky pipes. If you notice that your basement is always wet or humid, you likely have a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes can cause a lot of damage, so it’s important to fix them as soon as possible.

Faulty appliances:

Another common cause of flooding is faulty appliances. If your washing machine or dishwasher starts leaking water, it can quickly flood your basement, with moderate and large floods. Be sure to check your appliances regularly for any leaks or signs of damage.

Heavy rain:

If you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, you’re more likely to experience flooding in your basement. Heavy rainfall can overwhelm the drainage system and cause your basement to flood.

Clogged storm drains:

In some cases, the flooding in your basement may not be caused by a leaky pipe or faulty appliance. It may be caused by a clogged storm drain. If the storm drains in your area are clogged, the water will overflow and cause flooding in your entire basement.

Cracks in your foundation:

If you have cracks in your foundation, it can allow water to seep into your basement. If left untreated, the water can cause extensive damage to your home.

Sump Pump failure:

If you have a sump pump in your basement, it can help to prevent flooding. But if the system fails, the water will quickly fill up your basement.

Water heater failure:

If a water heater explodes or leaks, it can quickly lead to flooded basements. Be sure to check your water heater regularly for any signs of damage.

Clogged gutter:

If your gutters are clogged, the water will not be able to drain properly and it will overflow, causing flooding in your basement.


In the winter, if the snow on your roof melts too quickly, it can cause flooding in your basement.

Toilet or tub overflow:

If your toilet or tub overflows, the water can quickly flood your basement.

Basement windows:

Basement windows are another common source of flooding. If the windows are not properly sealed, water can leak into the basement and cause flooding.

Drainage system failure:

If the drainage system in your area is not working properly, it can cause flooding in your basement.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Cost

The cost of a flooded basement clean-up can vary depending on the size of your basement, the extent of the damage, and the type of cleanup that is required. Generally, the cost will range from $2,500 to $7,000.

The low end of the range is for cleanup which only involves removing the water and drying out part of the basement. The high end of the range is for a cleanup process of the whole basement that involves standing water extraction, removal of drywall, flooring, baseboards, and furniture, removal of any damaged materials or goods, complete drying process, sanitizing, and mold-preventing treatment.

Sewage Backup Flood

It may be cheaper to clean up a flood than it would have been if the incident was caused by sewage backup or disaster-level flooding and harmful bacteria/virus-contaminated waters!

This is because there’s no need for extra precautions when dealing with normal spills which can still pose risks even though they don’t involve any potential harm towards human beings or pets. However severe damage from “black water” floods does add an additional expense to your bill.

Prevent Future Flooding By Investing in Basement Waterproofing

In some cases, the best way to prevent flooding in your basement is to invest in basement waterproofing. There are a number of different waterproofing systems available, and the cost will vary depending on the size of your basement and the type of system that is used. Common waterproofing systems:

1. Sump pump with drainage system:

A sump pump is a common type of waterproofing system. If your basement flooding is caused by water seeping in through the foundation, a sump pump with a drainage system can help to prevent the water from entering your basement.

2. French drain:

A French drain is another common type of waterproofing system. A French drain is a trench that is filled with gravel and drains water away from your home.

3. Window well covers:

Window well covers are a simple way to prevent water from entering your basement through the windows.

4. Crawl space encapsulation:

Crawl space encapsulation is a method of waterproofing the crawl space in your home.

5. Basement waterproofing paint:

Basement waterproofing paint is a simple, inexpensive way to waterproof your basement.

6. Exterior waterproofing:

If water is entering your basement from the outside, you may need to waterproof the exterior of your home.

Waterproofing can be an important part of home maintenance, especially if you live in an area that is prone to flooding. There are many different types of waterproofing systems available, and the cost will vary depending on the size of your basement and the type of system that is used.

If you are having problems with flooding in your basement, it is important to take action right away. The sooner you address the problem, the less damage will be caused. Flooded basement clean-up can be expensive, but it is much cheaper than repairing damage caused by a flood. If you are unable to clean up the flooded basement yourself, call a professional cleaning company.


Flooding in the basement is a very helpless situation. Some people underestimate the issue and don’t call a professional to inspect the situation. Let’s ponder this for a moment. Do you think it is important to call for professional assistance with your flooded basement? Absolutely! You may consider calling for help if the water volume is high.

Calling a professional for inspection is an important step and should not be underestimated. They will help you know what caused the flooding.

Flooded Basement FAQ's

A: There are many different causes of a flooded basement, but some of the most common include faulty plumbing, clogged drains, and heavy rains.

A: If your basement is flooded, you should first turn off the power to the area and then call a professional to help with the cleanup. Do not attempt to clean up the flooded area yourself.

A: There are many ways to prevent your basement from flooding, including installing a sump pump, French drain, or window well covers. You can also encapsulate your crawl space or waterproof your basement with paint.

A: The cost of waterproofing your basement will vary depending on the type of system that is used and the size of your basement. However, it is generally a relatively affordable investment.

A: If your basement floods while you are renting, you should first contact your landlord and then call a professional to help with the cleanup. Do not attempt to clean up the flooded area yourself. Your landlord is responsible for repairing any damage caused by a flood.

A: The best way to clean up a flooded basement depends on the nature of the flood. If the water is contaminated, you will need to take special precautions to protect yourself and your family. If you are not sure how to safely clean up a flooded basement, contact a professional cleaning company for assistance.

A: The long-term effects of a flooded basement can vary depending on the nature of the flood. Some common long-term effects include mold growth, structural damage, and electrical problems. It is important to address any problems caused by a flood as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

It’s a good idea to get an expert opinion to prevent severe damage in the future. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may consult MidAtlantic for your Flooded Basement in DC and all water damage-related problems.

Call us today and enjoy quality and affordable services. We work around the clock to assure you of safety and comfort.

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