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Flooded Basement in DC| Things To Do When Your Basement Flooded

Have you ever descended to your basement to find the floor flooded? Flooding is attributed to heavy rainfall or cracks in the walls. A flooded basement can give you a sense of panic. More often than not people experience unexpected problems like basement flooding. These are not enjoyable but they occur from time to time. If you have a flooded basement in DC metro area, call MidAtlantic to help in the situation. We provide 24/7 response to flooding situations in your home. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to dry your basement. You don’t have to wait for hours for technicians to get into your home we are fast and efficient.

Here Are Some Quick Tips To Do If Your Basement Is Flooded.

  • Make sure to shut off any running power around the area. Make sure to shut electricity and gas to avoid severe damages. It’s very risky to enter a flooded area while the power is on. In case you’re not sure how to respond in a situation of Flooded Basement in DC, our team of professionals is just a call away, we will be in your home within minutes.
  • Flooding can be caused by leaking pipes or rainfall. If the flooding is caused by leaking pipes take some immediate actions. You can switch off the water system in the main switch. If flooding is as a result of a storm don’t rush. The best thing you can do at this point is to stay safe. Wait until the storm passes before getting to work.
  • Before responding to any water source emergency make sure to wear personal protective gears. Wear boots and gloves. When you shut the source of the water then next thing you must do is call MidAtlantic for your Flooded Basement in DC to conduct an inspection and repair your water systems.
  • Move damaged items to a safer place to dry. If weather permits it’s moving them outside maybe the best option. Remember to give items ample time to dry (About 48 hours). The idea is to avoid mold. Am sure you wouldn’t want to lose some of your best items. In this case, make sure to inspect them thoroughly.


Flooding in the basement is a very helpless situation. Some people underestimate the issue and don’t call a professional to inspect the situation. Let’s ponder this for a moment. Do you think it is important to call for professional assistance with your flooded basement? Absolutely! You may consider calling for help if the water volume is high. Calling a professional for inspection is an important step and should not be underestimated. They will help you know what caused the flooding.
It’s a good idea to get an expert opinion to prevent severe damages in the future. Depending on the nature of the problem you may consider consulting MidAtlantic for your Flooded Basement in DC and all water damage related problems. Call us today and enjoy the quality and affordable services. We work around the clock to assure you safety and comfort.
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