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Have you mysteriously developed symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, stuffy nose, sore throat, and itchy eyes? The suspicious culprit could be mold spores that are polluting your indoor air quality. Damp and humid spaces tend to be prime areas where mold and mildew flourish. You may walk into your basement or climb up the attic only to be greeted by a  musty smell.

In normal concentrations, mold does not pose any health risk to people with a healthy functioning immune system. The problem arises when mold spores exist in large quantities in the air you breathe. Even an average healthy person will develop respiratory symptoms.

There are various ways you can check for mold before you call a professional. Start by tracking damp and humid areas such as silent plumbing leaks. Mold is also visible, and you just have to check for brown or black patches on damp surfaces. Also, examine the following areas: behind the fridge or freezer, behind the drywall, inside ventilation ducts, under wet carpeting, after a flooding incident, and around leaky windows.

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How to Remove Mold

Is it enough to scrub the mold off the hard surfaces? At times, this is enough to reduce small concentrations. When you’re dealing with porous materials such as drywall, you have to scrub off the affected surface and dry the area completely to avoid a repeat of the same problem. It’s also important to solve the underlying moisture issue that triggered the mold problem. Bathrooms, for instance, are prone to condensation, and it may lead to mold growth on ceiling surfaces. Similarly, dampness may be a result of penetrating water or leaky indoor plumbing.

Tackling a serious mold infestation may be difficult if you’re using standard solutions and equipment. You may need to seek help from a professional mold removal firm, particularly if you’re dealing with mold that has spread to more than 10 square feet. While DIY mold removal projects may seem feasible, remember that you’ll be dealing with a complex issue, and it’s essential to take the right approach and prevent further property damage.

If you’re in the DMV area and are experiencing any complex challenges with all types of mold, including toxic black mold, you can count on the professional mold and water remediation services offered by MidAtlantic.

Steps in the Mold Removal Process

What should you expect when you hire a professional company such as Mid-Atlantic to help solve your mold problem? Here are some of the general steps we take for our mold removal service in DMV area:


Step 1: Identification of the damp or condensation source: We carry out a careful examination to pinpoint mold concentrations and water leakages using specialized detection equipment.

Step 2: Creating a plan of action and documentation: It’s essential to create detailed plans of action and document the extent of the mold to ensure that the problem is fully addressed without missing anything.

Step 3: Isolating the contaminated area: We carry out proper containment, which involves sealing the area. Our professionals use quality sheeting materials with slit openings to ensure proper containment.

Step 4: Removal of contaminated materials:  Inside the sealed-off area, all the moldy and soggy materials that cannot be recovered are removed and placed into plastic bags for disposal. We clean nonporous surfaces until all the mold is gone.

Step 5: Drying and air filtration: For a level 2 clean up job, our service experts utilize HEPA air filters to get rid of mold spores that may have become airborne.  They also use dehumidifiers to dry out the affected area thoroughly.

Step 6: Replacement of damaged materials: Our technicians will replace damaged materials such as plywood, drywall, furring strips, carpets, and carpet padding.

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