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Severe water damage can be mitigated when you act quickly and decisively by getting in touch with the right team to address the pending danger.  Sometimes it's not just enough to act on your own. You may be short on the professional equipment needed to remove water from porous materials.  Preventing water damage is also an acquired skill, and it takes a few jobs to find the approach that works best. Attempting to naturally dehumidify your home or use normal means takes time and may result in further damage.

So which steps should you take when you pinpoint signs of water damage? If you can safely access your mains water supply, we recommend stopping the flow—next, phone MidAtlantic Mold and Water Damage at (888-4125228). We’ll dispatch our team promptly to your home.

Residential Water And Damage Mold Removal Service List

At MidAtlantic, homeowners can access a wide range of services related to water damage and mold removal.

Water Damage Removal: It includes the removal of surface water,  the identification and removal of water-damaged materials. Using industrial dehumidifiers, affected areas such as porous surfaces are further dried.

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Water Damage Restoration:  The water damage process is carried out after water extraction and the removal of damaged materials. Repair and restoration may entail replacing carpets, wooden flooring, marble flooring, subfloors, etc. The goal of the restoration project is to refurbish damaged areas to their original state.

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Mold Inspection: Detecting mold in a home can be difficult if you don't have the right equipment and expertise. That's why it makes sense to hire a professional mold inspection service, particularly if you're considering purchasing a new home or after experiencing signs of mold sickness.

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Mold Removal: Mold is found everywhere. But if the right conditions arise, for instance, damp walls, there will be an explosion of mold posing a serious threat to your health.  During the mold removal process, proper containment measures need to be taken to ensure that it does not spread to other areas.

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Mold Remediation: The process entails the removal of highly-porous building materials where 100% mold removal cannot occur.  It also entails taking the right steps to ensure that mold will remain at acceptable and natural levels in the future.

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Waterproofing: Residential waterproofing Is mostly carried out to prevent flooding in the basement from reoccurring again, for instance, through the installation of a sump pump. We also provide waterproofing for leaky windows, gaps, and cracks.

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Construction service: If you need professional residential construction services in the DMV Area, you can contact Mid-Atlantic. We have handled plenty of projects and helped homeowners recover from disasters.

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Got a flooded basement or clogged septic drain! Don’t worry. Hire the best mold and water damage company in the DMV area. We have the right capacity to handle large and small residential projects.  All our clients have nothing but good praise for our services. Contact us by calling (888)412-5228 or schedule a service online.

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