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Is your home flooded? Are you in water damage fix? I bet you are confused and clueless about your next step. You do not need to panic! All you need to do is contact us now, and we will be at your front door in no time. We have advanced water removal/drying equipment and knowledgeable and skilled experts to handle the situation with the speed needed.

We know how severe water damage in Reston, VA can be if left for long; that is why we take quick action if the situation arises.

How we operate

  • Once we are contacted, we waste no time because a delay is dangerous in cases like this.
  • We inspect and do a damage assessment of the affected area.

Next, we start the water removal process. We make sure all the water gets drained.

At this point, we remove all the items and try to save the ones we can collect. We would have done this before draining, but the more time is wasted before draining the water, the more the damage.

We begin the drying process on the building and items or properties affected by the water damage.

The next stage after the drying stage is the cleaning and sanitizing stage; we clean and sanitize the affected areas and items.

After we have made sure everywhere / everything affected is dry and cleaned, we start the restoration process. We repair every damaged item, do installations like drywall installation and other installations, repaint the affected area, and arrange and organize the affected areas.

We offer value-filled services to our clients; your home or facility is safe with us.

Measures to be taken when in a water damage situation

Crucial mistakes are often made in situations like this. Here is a list of what needs to be done to save the situation.

  • Most importantly, do not panic! When panicked, people tend to make a lot of mistakes and take regrettable actions. Be calm and think
  • Do not attempt to be a hero, especially if you know you are incapable of doing what you are trying.
  • Call water damage professional. This should be done quickly cause water damage can be severe if not attended to on time.
  • If you have kids, take them to a safe place
  • Stay safe.

If the water damage situation is not a dangerous type, try to save your relevant documents and items before the professionals arrive. Please make sure you turn off the electricity supply unit of your home or building before going in to avoid being electrocuted. If you can identify and control the source of water spillage, please do so, but if the cause of the disaster is too much for you to handle, please wait for the professionals to arrive.

Why us

Mid Atlantic Mold and Water Damage is a company known for its uniqueness and reliability. We are available 24/7, and our customer service is perfect. We have experts that handle every water damage restoration service in Reston, VA professionally and with the speed and care, it needs.

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