Water Damage Removal

Water Damage Removal | Get Your Property Back to Normal 

Are you dealing with a flooding emergency? Get help from seasoned water damage removal professionals. We’ll remove the surface water to achieve surface dryness. Now, this is not enough. Water permeates into porous materials such as drywall or carpeting. Our water extraction processes draw absorbed water, achieving a higher level of dryness. It prevents problems like swelling or wrapping of wooden floors. Certain materials may need replacing because they can’t be recovered.

water damage removal

Water removal, extraction, and the removal of damaged materials must take place quickly. For instance, laminate floors begin soaking up water after about 4 hours. At this point, it may be impossible to salvage them. In about 24 to 48 hours, mold starts to grow after the spores have landed on damp surfaces. Mold can be particularly dangerous because it quickly colonizes damp surfaces that have fiber-rich materials such as wood or fabric.

Mid-Atlantic provides professional water damage removal services in Maryland, Washington (DC), and Virginia. Our technicians arrive on time, minimizing as much water damage as possible. We focus on reducing the moisture content effectively and prevents odors, bacteria, or mold.

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Residential Water Damage Removal: Procedures & Equipment

Mid-Atlantic takes a professional approach when addressing water damage situations. We’ll first inspect and assess the extent of the flooding. Removing surface water is done using various tools, including wet-vacs. Next, our technicians carry out dehumidifying and drying. We utilize industrial-grade fans to push air over wet surfaces.

Using air scrubbers, we remove contaminants from the air, including mold spores. Industrial dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels further. Our procedures are aimed to achieve faster dry times and to minimize damage to sensitive materials.

What is replaced during water damage removal?

Removing water damage:
materials mark the start of the restoration and repair process. The goal is restoring your property to its previous condition. So, which areas may need repairs and refurbishments?
- Damaged flooring: marble, wooden, vinyl, sub-floors, or carpets.
- Damaged walls: drywalls, wallpapers, and paint.
- Water damaged & collapsed ceiling: drywall or gypsum.

Advantages of choosing Mid-Atlantic

By hiring us, you get the best. Our focus is on providing friendly water damage restoration services. During the water damage removal process, we will only remove what’s necessary and preserve as much of your property as possible.
We can collaborate with your insurance company during the claims process, providing all the necessary documentation. By utilizing the most appropriate repair procedures, we offer shorter drying times. Our team is always on call and are dispatched in no time.
Restore your home to its pre-loss condition!

Our team is ready to take great care of your belongings during this stressful time. We arrive promptly and perform the job in a professional way. You can also call us for additional information.
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