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Local mold remediation


Mold inspection is a must for every home because mold contamination is highly harmful to human bodies and your home’s structure. Unfortunately, mold is hard to identify and detect, and they are often found in spots that you ignore. In wet or damp surfaces, mold contaminations are pretty standard. However, finding mold is not uncommon in areas like drywall, wood, wallpaper, ceilings, and more. And the drawback of mold is that it can spread fast.

If you can see mold or smell mold, it’s high time to connect with a dedicated mold remediation company near me who will come, inspect mold and also remove it, letting you breathe fresh and clean air. Whether you want to do a mold inspection for an old home or a new one, MidAtlantic Mold & Water Damage is here at your service.

How Our Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Service Work?

  • Risk Assessment

Once you give us a call, we will discuss the problem over the call first. Then you will tell us when to come and where and we will come to your location as per our discussion. Once we are there, we will do the full risk assessment to identify the gravity of the problem.

  • Survey

MidAtlantic Mold & Water Damage has a team of experienced technicians who will carry out the survey. This will help us identify the reason behind mold growth. We will look at condensation and damp penetration inside the property. In addition, we will conduct a survey of both the external and interior space of your home.

  • External

Mold contamination could occur in the exterior space because of poor maintenance, water penetration, and ingress into the property. Therefore, we will check the roof condition, downpipes and gutter, damp proof membrane, waste pipes, and outside doors, and measure moisture, temperature, humidity in the building material, and more.

  • Internal

When it comes to the internal space of your property, we will check for evidence and visible damp conditions to find mold contamination. We will check behind skirting boards, floorboards, cavities, and more. We will employ sophisticated technical equipment to identify mold contamination.

Remedial Action

After we are done with the analyzing phase, we will move along with a remedial action plan to eradicate the problem from deep within. Our main motive for taking action is to make your home free from mold. Here are the things that we will do:

  • Firstly, we will wash and spray the affected areas. We use industry-approved anti-microbial and sanitize the entire area.
  • If there is contamination in wood and plaster, we will remove it.
  • We will use air sterilization to kill airborne spores.
  • Once done, we will install a dry equipment regime, including heaters, air movers, and dehumidifiers. This will be done to make sure that humidity and moisture level are balanced.
  • Now comes the monitoring of the drying regime and installation of proper ventilation systems.
  • Finally, we sign off, and we hand over your property. We will also issue a certificate to confirm that the air quality is healthy and safe for everyone.